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Bio Japan Cluster Mission 2014

Matchmaking mission in Japan for EU Cluster managers and their SMEs members

Japan is one of the most developed countries in the biotechnology sector, as evidenced by its high number of patents produced is one of the evidences. Although for a long time considered as a closed market, the Japanese health sector is rapidly expanding and increasingly opening its doors to foreign firms. The phenomenon of a rapidly aging population and the recent deregulation in operation creates a favourable environment for foreign companies’ entry in the Japanese health and care market.

Japan is also the World's second largest market in the field of biotechnology. This sector is growing each year, and applications related to biomedicines, regenerative medicine and genetic therapies, as well as functional foods represent a high value market for foreign companies. Joint research projects or partnerships between Japanese and foreign companies have been considerably increasing in recent years and it is a strategic must for foreign firms operating in these sectors to have foothold in Japan in order to achieve global growth. more